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Intermarine is renowned for its production of Fast Patrol Boats (FPBs) especially suitable for Search and Rescue, patrolling and law enforcement duties.

Since the beginning of its activity, in fact, Intermarine has built tenth of FPBs for Navies, Coast Guards, Maritime Customs and Maritime Police in Italy and abroad: the design of such FPBs is characterized by an high level of flexibility, allowing to tailor them to the specific requirements of each Customers. Today Intermarine is present on the market of the Fast Patrol Boats with a large variety of products of proven design, ranging from 13 to 40 meters in length, and built in Composite material and in aluminium. 

For craft built in composite material, different construction techniques (sandwich and single-skin) and construction technologies (with semi-automatic impregnating machines or by under-vacuum infusion process) are used.
Most of such products can achieve speed in excess of 40 knots, and many of them have been built with different propulsion system (waterjets, surface propellers, traditional propellers): Intermarine Customers can therefore choose among a wide range of proven products and related variants. 


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