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The advent of the hydrofoil was an important innovation in the field of passenger transport and today this kind of vessel continues to be regarded as one of the most economical vessels to operate, thanks above all, to its speed-to-power ratio (speed up to 40 knots with only 4000 kW installed power).
Intermarine, under the Rodriquez brand, has been a pioneer of this kind of vessel, being since 1956 at the forefront of the construction of hydrofoils with surface piercing foils.
Hydrofoils built by Intermarine are capable of carrying 250 passengers at a speed of 40 knots with great comfort and stability in rough seas, with the highest propulsion efficiency available.
Since building their first hydrofoil, Intermarine has never ceased to invest in research and innovation: the most recent achievement is the innovative "Fully Submerged Hydrofoil" (FSH).
In comparison with the traditional hydrofoil, the full immersion of the foils reduces the drag coefficient and the effects of the waves, allowing to keep high speeds even in rough sea, very high level of comfort for passengers and lower fuel consumption.
This new hydrofoil, completely built in aluminium alloy, except for the foils which are in high tensile steel, is equipped with two diesel engines delivering 2.320 KW each, for a speed of over 43 knots, and it is built in two propulsion variants (pods or traditional propellers).


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