The overall value of the contract is 40 million euro 

Sarzana, 19 October 2016 Intermarine, a subsidiary of the Immsi S.p.A. industrial group, announced at Euronaval – the leading world exhibition of naval defence systems – that it had begun production, with the related rolling-mill processes, of two high-speed polyvalent naval vessels for the Italian Navy, with which it signed a supply contract for a total value of 40 million euro. 

Assisted by the efforts of the Italian Government and Parliament and in line with the indications of the Ministry of Defence, the Italian Navy intends to increase its existing capacity, in order to meet the need to increase patrolling of maritime traffic, action against human trafficking, defence of areas under asymmetric/piracy threat and evacuation of personnel from crisis areas, in connection with the Program for the Renewal of the operating lines of Naval Vessels, which, at least in part, will remedy the growing obsolescence of the fleet with advanced hi-tech vessels that provide powerful dual-use capabilities and are more respectful of the environment. 

This type of vessel may be deployed for a diverse range of missions, at very short notice, covering long distances in less time, and is therefore particularly well suited to providing support for control of immigration flows.

The ships will be designed and built by Intermarine S.p.A. employing state-of-the-art technology of proven efficiency in the naval sector, such as advanced composite materials for construction of the structures, sophisticated equipment to counter acoustic and infrared signatures and eliminate electromagnetic interference. 

Intermarine has solid knowhow and experience in the engineering and construction of special military vessels with highly specific operational requirements, and has established a strong position on the international market thanks to the excellent reputation gained as a supplier of special vessels such as minesweepers to the world’s most illustrious navies.

The high-speed polyvalent naval vessel is 40 metres long LOA with an 8 metre beam, and powered by a combination of diesel engines coupled with jet propellers. The propulsion system enables the vessel to sail in a variety of trims and operational modes, to guarantee high flexibility.

The vessels will be designed in accordance with the Italian Naval Register with regard to all the most important safety questions relating to both the platform and the personnel engaged in the various operations.



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