The design of Intermarine products is mostly carried out within the R&D Department, with the support, for specific and very peculiar aspects, of the most renowned Italian and international Companies.

Every new project undertaken is subject to an exhaustive engineering phase.

Classical engineering theory is combined with the latest development in finite element modelling, where advanced technologies and methods are made possible by the use of up-to-date equipment.

The design of all products begins with, and revolves around, a complete three - dimensional model of hull and superstructures, used to predict the vessel's ultimate performance and to create scale models used in the towing tank to validate performance predictions. The same 3-D model is also exploited to define and design the layout of the interior spaces, the mechanical and electrical systems.

The accuracy is absolute and ensures that every ship's component is installed with no interference (thereby maximizing the available space) and that easy access is given to accomplish maintenance tasks.

Intermarine also continue to invest significant resources in research for the benefit of future production programs.
Research projects are not only oriented to the development of new products, but are extended, with special and continuous attention, to the development of new materials, material applications and construction techniques.

Experience, high technology, capability to produce and realize ideas ahead of their time are the key factors allowing Intermarine to offer advanced naval craft.