Intermarine is an Italian shipyard, developing, designing and producing vessels for military and civil use, including marine systems, components and related Integrated Logistic Support.
It was founded as a naval shipyard specialized in designing and manufacturing of marine craft in FRP (Glassfiber Reinforced Plastic), initially oriented towards  the production of leisure boats.
As early as 1970, when most craft made in GRP were still relatively small, Intermarine recognized the potential of this material and began to develop special methods of building large hulls, carrying out research into new resin and glass fiber formulation, especially suitable for the construction of large vessels.
Intermarine, in its long history, has heavily invested in technological research devoted to the best development and exploitation of the construction materials (GRP and aluminum), along with hull optimization and stability systems, so that the history of Intermarine is a succession of “technological first”:

  • in 1956 Rodriguez (today Intermarine) launched the first hydrofoil for commercial application (“Freccia del Sole”);
  • n early Eighties Intermarine launched the “Lerici” Mine Countermeasure Vessels, the first large GRP vessel built in “monocoque single-skin structure, without reinforcement” with the special support of the Italian Navy;
  • in 1993 Rodriquez (today Intermarine) delivered the first and still the fastest monohull ferry for passenger and vehicles (the “Guizzo”, a 100-meter vessel capable of a service speed of 47 knots).

During the years Intermarine has further developed in the wider field of Composite materials (or FRP, Fiber Reinforced Plastic), and recently, thanks to the synergies with its parent company “Rodriquez Cantieri Navali”, also in the field of metal vessels, so expanding its range of products which today consists mainly of:

  • Mine Countermeasure Vessels (MCMV)
  • Fast Patrol Boats (FPB)
  • Hydrographic vessels
  • Fast Ferries

Intermarine has the capability to build vessels in the range up to 70 meters using mainly aluminum and composite material or FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic).
A dedicated department produces, since 1998, auxiliary on-board components, including monitoring and control systems, hydraulic systems, and stabilization systems.
The main potential characteristic of Intermarine is the capability to develop, design, build and test the vessel following, in details, the customer requirements and studying the best technical solution in terms of material (aluminum or FRP).
The Company operates two shipyards: the synergy between the specific production facilities and the research, engineering and development centers, allows the quality improvement and an optimization of the production processes.

In Sarzana (near La Spezia) are located the headquarters of Intermarine and the Research and Development Department, and here the activity is focused on the construction of vessels in composite material (mainly Mine Countermeasure Vessels and Fast Patrol Boats). It occupies an area of more than 76,000 square meters of which almost 16,000 is covered.

In Messina is located the shipyard optimized for the construction of craft in aluminum or steel up to 70 m in length. It occupies an area of more than 30,000 square meters of which almost 17,000 is covered.