About us

Intermarine is an Italian shipyard developing, designing and producing vessels for defence and civil use, as well as marine systems and components.

Founded as a naval shipyard specialized in design and manufacture of marine craft in Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP), Intermarine initially took up the production of leisure boats.

As early as 1970, when most craft made in GRP were still relatively small, Intermarine recognized the potential of this material and began to carry out researches into new resin and glass fiber formulation, so to make them suitable for the construction of large vessels, as well as to develop innovative methods of construction, and quickly became a world leader in the field of shipbuilding in composite materials, mainly of Mine Countermeasures Vessels (MCMVs).

The main potential characteristic of Intermarine is the capability to develop, design, build and test the vessel following, in details, the customer requirements and studying the best technical solution in terms of material (aluminum or GRP).
The design of Intermarine products is mostly carried out within the R&D department, with the support, for specific and very peculiar aspects, of the most renowned Italian and international Companies.
Intermarine also continue to invest significant resources in research for the benefit of future production programs.
At Intermarine, quality is a fundamental operating principle. The Quality Management System is strictly enforced in all steps of design and construction of vessels production.